Small Table Centrepieces


At Elloir Events we have a large variety of fabulous table centerpieces. From Martini glasses filled with orbeez, Rusk wooden tea lighted lanterns to LED lighted ostrich feather vases.. We have it all! And not to forget all at reasonable prices. Like more than one decoration? Mix & Match decorations to suit your theme, also available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Our prices start from £10 per centerpiece.

All decorations are on a hire only basis. Elloir Events will do all the setting up at your event. So stay stress free, we've got you covered!

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Check out below just some of our stunning Small Table Centerpieces

Rusk Wooden Table decorations tea lightssilver wedding event decorations @elloireventsJenga table decorations with games as the centerpieces @elloireventsHarry potter themed wedding and party decorations @elloireventsMartini glass filled with orbeez dripping in diamonds @elloireventsFlowers and tea lights table decorations @elloireventsLantern filled with fairly lights @elloireventscluster candle decorations @elloireventsLantern Filled with candles and petals @elloireventsLOVE Table decorations in scrabble lettering @elloireventsblack wedding and party decorations @elloireventsGreen long reath tables long decorations @elloireventsBlack themed party decorations for events hire @elloireventssmall floral cube table decorations @elloireventsRustic wedding themed decorations @elloireventsPink and white floral small bouquet @elloireventsGlass ball filled with fairy lights @elloireventspink floral dyed party decorations @elloireventschristmas tree mini table decorations @elloireventscrystal diamant chandelier table decorations @elloireventsgold glass filled with tea lights and greenery table decorations @elloirevents2ft floral candle lit dangling diamond table centrepieces @elloireventsGold Greenery table decorations events hire west midlands @elloireventslong Ortich feathers table decorations @elloireventsLong table filled with glasse vases and candles @elloireventsBlack and white wedding decorations  @elloireventsSmall pink and white flower decorations silver vase @elloireventsrustic wreath halo table centrepieces for weddings @elloireventsWhite bouquet flowers in gold flute vase. Wedding decorations @elloireventsDiamond crystal jewelled candle holder @elloireventsmartini glasses filled with flowers and water balls. table decorations @elloireventssmall rustic floral wedding decorations @elloireventscandle lit table decorations with flowers around. table centerpieces @elloireventsClassical vintage wedding decorations @elloireventsflute cocktail dress filled with water balls @elloireventssmall long table wedding decorations @elloireventsClassy elegant ostrich feather table decorations @elloirevents Small flower table centerpieces @elloireventslong table floral decorations @elloireventswhite bird cage table centrepieces  @elloireventsWarm fairy lights in lanterns table centerpieces decorations @elloireventsbasic flower table decorations @elloireventsfloating tea lights table decorations @elloireventsMini flower table centrepieces @elloireventswater balls/orbeez decorations @elloireventsSilver lamp table centerpieces @elloireventswedding rustic floral decorations @elloireventsVases filled with candles @elloireventsold rustic wooden lanterns @elloireventsvase filled with warm fairy lights @elloireventswooden trio teired log table decorations @elloireventswhite snow blossom droplets table centerpieces @elloireventsa mix of greenery table decorations @elloireventssmall floating tea light decorations in a flute @elloireventswhite otrich feather decorations dangling in diamonds @elloireventsmini flower decorations vase @elloirevents