Postboxes & Gift Tables


At Elloir Events we have a wonderful selection of Postboxes/Letterboxes and Gift Tables. From traditional red postboxes, gorgeous golden rustic letterboxes to unique handmade bespoke boxes. All available in a variety of different colours, shapes and designs. When it comes to your gift table decor we can decorate the tables as extravagant or as simple as you like. From giant blossom trees, elegant flower walls to small rustic lanterns filled with tea lighted candles... Large, Small, We have it all! Looking for something in particular or have a certain theme/colour preference.. Let us know and we can do it! At Elloir Events we really do make your fantasy become a reality!

All decorations are on a hire only basis. Elloir Events will do all the setting up at your event. So stay stress free, we've got you covered!

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Check out below just some of our unique Postboxes/Letterboxes and Gift Table decor

Red and white postboxes/letterboxes for hire @elloireventsSmall white postboxes/letterboxes for weddings @elloireventsletter chest for events hire @elloireventswishing well gift tables @elloireventsWhite postbox with candle lit decor @elloireventsClassy gold postbox for events hire @elloireventswhite letterbox decorated with flowers @elloireventsrustic wood style postbox for events hire @elloireventswishing well letter box for events hire @elloireventswhite diamante personalised postbox/letterbox @elloireventsWhite postboxes/letterboxes @elloireventsWhite tall letterboxes for hire @elloirevents