Cake Tables


As your cake is one of the most focal point displays at your event, it's just as important to ensure the table the cake is placed on, is as beautiful and eye catching as the cake itself.
Whether its a Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower or any other event, we can provide & decorate your cake table with fabulous, unique designs all to match the theme of your event and even within your price range!

All decorations are on a hire only basis. Elloir Events will do all the setting up at your event. So stay stress free, we've got you covered!

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Check out below just some of our stunning collections of Cake Tables

Multicoloured Floral Cake Table  @elloireventsCake Table Carriage @elloireventsTea Light Cake Tables @elloireventsluxury tea lighted cake stands @elloireventsCake Table and Cake Matching theme and decorations @elloirevents2020 cake stands @elloireventsWhite Floral Matching Cake Table and Cake @elloireventscake stands circular parties @elloireventsPink Flowers Cake & Cake Table  @elloireventsRusket Themed Cake and Cake Table @elloireventsballoon floral halo arch cake stands @elloireventsCake tables covered in flowers @elloireventsLightly decorated cake tables @elloireventsPentagon Cake Stand @elloireventsivory traditional wedding cake stands @elloirevents2020 party decorations @elloireventsRusket Outside Cake Table Box @elloireventsMirrored tea lights posh elegant cake table @elloireventsfloating swing cake stands @elloireventsGlass cake tables with floweres inside @elloireventsgarden cakestands with fairy lights @elloireventsWhite Floral Cake Table Designs @elloireventsCake table covered in flowers @elloireventsspring floral cake tables @elloireventscake tables decorated in leaves and flowers @elloireventsrustic wedding cake stands @elloireventselegant luxury cake tables @elloireventsOutdoor garden cake tables @elloireventsrustic farm wedding cake stands @elloireventsGold and White cake table decorated @elloireventselegant vintage cake tables @elloireventssparkley Diamond covered cake tables @elloireventsCake tables covered in flowers to the floor @elloireventsOld fashioned wooden cake table @elloireventsGlass tea lights cake table @elloireventscake tables covered in flowers @elloireventsRed and black petals on cake table @elloireventsfloating candles on cake table @elloireventsold fashioned rustic cake stand table @elloireventscake tables covered in petals @elloirevents